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6. December, 2012

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Starting with sheep, a couple of cows and a sheep dog, Nitida has gone from a little patch of farm in the heart of the Durbanville wine valley to a very successful wine farm. During the past 20 years, this producer has gone from planting their first vineyard to raking in prestigious awards.

Nitida is one of those farms which offers you the whole package. Two restaurants on – premises (Cassia and Tables) offering both relaxed, light breakfasts and lunches as well as contemporary and stylish dining.

Nitida offers a range of wines, including a Weisser Riesling, Coronata Integration white blend, Noble Late Harvest and the Calligraphy red blend.

And so I made my way down to Nitida to get my very own Calligraphy 2011. This Merlot-based red blend has a surprisingly light character, but is complex enough to avoid being thin on the palate. Strong cherry flavours come through, which is delightful if, like me, you love cherries. The Cabernet Sauvignon in the blend anchors it while the Cabernet Franc brings a green, almost eucalyptus-like quality to the wine. A splash of Petit Verdot rounds it off perfectly with a hint of floral freshness.

Calligraphy is ideal to pair with a meal (I had it with a nice steak but would work equally well with something more refined) and develops as you drink it. One sip, even one glass, isn’t really enough to do it justice. After the first glass the wine really starts to show its character.

The soft, balanced tannins in the wine makes it perfect for drinking now, but I suspect Calligraphy 2011 has brilliant potential to be a stunner of a wine a few years down the line. My advice would be to buy two cases. One for immediate consumption and one to pack away and let time take its course.

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